Creating an e-Book is very complicated. Or, is it? In this article we`ll cover all the helpful solutions that can help you create an ebook with ease!

Seriously, you are one step away from creating an amazing ebook that your audience will love. Well, let’s not exaggerate, there is a lot of work in finding and writing amazing content for your readers, but these solutions will provide you a fast turnaround and great layouts that will amaze your readers.

What solutions are we talking about?

This is a SaaS application that is precisely made for one purpose – creating ebooks. The app is taking content from your blog or website, or anything you’ve already written before and it’s using it as eBook material.

You can wrap your content around different design layouts provided by Beacon and then customize the colors, fonts and branding. You define the pace and details you want to take into place. You can easily update anything you did trough out the whole eBook that you’ve created.

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The app has a package where they keep their branding on your eBook and paid package where you can remove it and get more advanced option if you are planning to go pro and create more than one ebooks.

  1. Pages

Similar to MS Word, but much better. Pages is a product from the App Store of Apple that is packed with various features and advanced option. It’s an upgraded version of Microsoft Word, with easier interface.

The app has pre-made templates and designs that are ready for use when creating an ebook. However, everything that is pre-made can be customized in the creation process of your digital book, all you need to do tweak the templates and add your branding, fonts and other design traits.

Regarding the content, it’s not as easy as Beacon, but the layout is easily adjustable for your needs.

  1. InDesign

This app is a product from Adobe CC, and it’s the most advanced solution for creating ebooks online (or by software). In fact, most of the professionals and publishers use InDesign for book design, magazines, flyers and so on. The app is packed with lot of templates and advanced ebook styles and layouts, yet you might need some time learning it until you get it right.

Overall, all the above solutions for creating an ebook are following the same principles of work, you’d just need to try them out and figure what interface or framework would be best for you to create an amazing e-book.

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