Are you considering writing your first ever e-book? Or maybe you are a writer who has already published one, but you are facing lack of interest for it, the readers won’t buy it, the revenue stream has dried up and you can’t really pin point what is going on? This article gives you the most common mistakes that writers make when creating e-book content and the ways to avoid falling in the pit of unsuccessful digital writers.

  1. Not knowing your audience

The first thing you need to do before even considering writing is research. We can’t even stress this enough! Knowing your audience will get you places. Do not write an e-book just for the sake of writing it. Carefully go through the analytics of your website or blog and look for clues on what your audience likes and wants to read about. Do your research and give them what they came for.

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  1. Choosing a boring subject

If you find it interesting, it doesn’t mean that anybody under the Sun does. After you have done the research on your audience, it will be way easier to choose a relevant subject, but beware! Readers like uniqueness and creating an e-book must always be led by this idea. Always strive to write in a clear language and convey important messages in order to ensure that the reader benefits from what they read and also find your digital book useful.

Also, take your time and select a catchy title that best describes the contents of the e-book you created. A title that lacks in relevance will cost you the sales, even if the contents are everything your reader wants from an e-book.

  1. Choosing an ugly cover

Unfortunately, people will always judge a book by its cover, figuratively and literally. The cover image is your chance to leave a good first impression and you don’t want to waste that opportunity. Choose something catchy, something with a call to action, something unique and don’t be stingy when it comes to buying a great design. Think of it this way: in a market so oversaturated with millions of writers like you, a reader will make a choice based on what they see first. So, you will always like to stand out in the crowd.

  1. Writing endless ebooks

In a world where opinions are presented in 140 characters, people simply don’t have the time to read your 673 pages long musings on any subject whatsoever. Even if it is as important as world peace and as ground-breaking as finding the cure for cancer. Long e-books aren’t user friendly and can’t be read on smartphones, Kindles or tablets. Keep it short and sweet!

We hope that this article will give you heads-up on what are the major don’ts when creating your e-books and will lead to increase of sales opportunities for you.

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